This page is dedicated to all public deliverables related to HUB4NGI project.

Deliv. N°Deliverable TitleDelivery date
D1.1NGI Classification and Assessment MethodologySep 2017
D1.2Portfolio and National ProgrammesDec 2017
D1.3NGI Impact Measures and BenchmarksDec 2018
D2.1NGI Guide v1Jun 2017
D2.2NGI Guide v2Dec 2017
D2.3NGI Guide v3Dec 2018
D3.1Innovators Engagement StrategyDec 2017
D3.2Report for prototyping and validationOct 2018
D4.1The HUB4NGI PortalMar 2017
D4.2Marketing, Communication and Community Building Strategy and PlanApr 2017
D4.3Report on Community Building and Promotional ActivitiesDec 2017
D4.4Report on Community Building and Promotional ActivitiesDec 2018
D5.1Project Presentation | SlidesMar 2017

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