As part of the promotion of the NGI initiative, the European Commission, the HUB4NGI Project, the Polish Contact Point and the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre hosted an NGI workshop in Poznań.

The purpose of the workshop was to explore opportunities for research, industry and SMEs/start-ups for collaboration within the scope of the NGI initiative. Renowned speakers, open and multidisciplinary discussions and World Café tables formed the backbone of the agenda and helped the attendees to better understand the current situation of the NGI initiative and help shape the its future evolution of the NGI.

The workshop in Poznań was a success, giving opportunity for representatives of the EC, the Polish National Contact Point, startups, business, local authorities, universities and research institutions to exchange ideas and expectations for the Internet of the future. The World Café sessions outlined many topics and related challenges that the EU and the rest of world are now facing, and showed that this kind of meeting is needed to begin the transition to the Next Generation Internet era.

Although the vision of the future Internet is still not clear, the participants explored the emerging opportunities as well as issues and threats. The NGI will influence how people live, work, and communicate. The new services and applications which are planned to be built on top of existing infrastructures and services will create a new human-centric environment, giving new functionalities and tools for better well-being of individuals and societies.

The presentations and report from the workshop are all available on the HUB4NGI website (read more here).

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